Past Shows


Circle Back
Tonja Softić
September 13th - October 31st 


According to Nature
Blade Wynne
September 7th - October 19th 

Butterfly Effect
John Miles Runner - Solo Show
April 20th - June 10th


My Mechanical Heart
Group Summer Show
August 11th

Hunter Mayton & Sam Manock Perfect
Incubator Project
May 5th - June 3rd

Karine Lambardo
Incubator Project
Mar 31st - April 29th

Group Winter Show
Feb 4th - Mar 27th

Kristin Skees Solo Show - Cozy
Nov 12th - February 2nd


Summer Group Show - Incredible Edibles
May 21st - Aug 20th
Solo Show - DeVonn Francis
April 2nd - May 15th
Group Show - Revolving Winter
Jan 8th - March 26th


Solo Show - Sandra Ramos; Exodus
Oct 23rd - Dec 23rd
Group Show - Robert Sites, Christine K Harris & Ramel Jazir
Sept 19th – Oct 20th
Revolving Summer Group Show
June 19th – Sept19th
Group Show - Michael Fitts, Terry Strickland, Sharon Moody & Rieneke Leenders; Hyper-Realism
April 10th – June 13th
Group Show - Works on Paper
March 1st- April 7th
Non-profit Group Show - Exposed
Feb 6th - Feb 26th
Solo Show - John R. G. Roth
Dec 19th - Jan 30th


Nov 21st - Dec 13th Shelly Voorhees, Solo Show
Oct 3rd - Nov 7th Matt Sesow - Solo Show
Aug1st - Sept 5th Summer Group Show
May 22nd - July25th Metropolis - David Febland, Solo Show
March 28th - May 14th Dialogues in Glass - Tim Tate, Liz Mears
Feb 28th- March 21st 2 person show Mark Miltz & Barry Roebuck
Jan 15th – Feb15th Crux -non profit group show

Dec 5th - Jan3rd Neighborhood Tales - Ann D. Vernon, solo show
Nov 1st – Dec 1st Alexey Terenin - solo show
Sept 26th- Oct 26th
Smallest foot Print - Erwin Timmers, David Bruce, May Britton, Virginia Van Horn (green show)
Aug23rd - Sept22nd
Transmodern Ocean - group showCurated by J. W. Mahoney
July19th -Aug20th First Look - recent MFA graduates from the mid Atlantic
June 7th – July16th Loves Labour --Richard Nickel, sols show
April 12th - June5th Comon Waters, An Ocean Apar - New Generation Cuban women artists,
Sandra Ramos, Aime Garcia Marrero, Cirenaica Moreira, & Marta Maria Perez Bravo

Non Profit & Community


Wine Tasting Fundraiser to Benefit Norfolk Jaycees
Feb 4th

Jan 28 - Cancer research fundraiser, Non profit juried exhibition hosted by Trinity Presbyterian. (not a church fundraiser)

Oct 8th - Wine Tasting Fundraiser to Benefit Norfolk Jaycees

“Exposed” No fee, no commission juried art show, hosted by Trinity Presbyterian. (Not a church fundraiser)
“Crux” ” No fee, no commission juried art show, hosted by Trinity Presbyterian. (Not a church fundraiser)
October 26th Presentation by Sandra Ramos, “Next Generation” Contemporary Cuban Art ,
Old Dominion University Norfolk VA
October 23rd-24th Print workshop, Sandra Ramos, Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, VA
Jan 23rd -24th Mix media, Sheila Giolitti workshop: Chrysler Museum of art, Norfolk,VA


Sept 18th – Nov 17th Alexey Terenin solo show, Rawls Museum Arts,
Courtland, VA